Watch the videos below to view some recorded sessions by CEO Anita Horsley, from a conference, an online webinar, a video tutorial, and Adobe’s video on responsive. Below the videos are a list of upcoming and past presentations.

I love your teaching style. I think students were wowed and could follow because you really GET how to communicate technical information and make it approachable and easy to understand for everyone…even the most technologically challenged!  🙂 Sherry Larson


Anita, you are such a natural presenter and excellent at explaining processes. Allison Davis, Project Officer (U@USQ)

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2021 Presentations

2021 Adobe eLearning World Presentation – Virtual

Past Presentations

2020 Adobe eLearning World Conference

2020 Training Magazine Webinar on Captivate and Accessibility

2019 Adobe Captivate Specialist, Adobe eLearning Conference, DC

2018 Adobe Captivate Specialist – Adobe eLearning Conference, DC:

2018 Adobe Captivate Specialist – Adobe Learning Summit, LV:

2018 – ATD International Conference

Adobe Learning Summit, October 2017

Adobe eLearning Conference, Washington, DC, April 19 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Author Responsive eLearning without Programming

Learning Solutions 

LS311 BYOL: Nine Hot Features of Captivate 9

LS1007 Seven Hacks to Consolidate Your eLearning Strategy


Adobe eLearning Summit

H101 Get the Best out of Adobe Captivate


ELT102 Seven Killer Tricks to Effortlessly Cut Down Development Time in Captivate

Adobe eLearning Conference, Washington, DC, 2016adobe eLearning

mLearning 101: Ground rules for successful responsive eLearning authoring

Adobe Solutions for eLearning, 2016

Real World Captivate Development for System adobe solutionsIntegrators

Learning Solutions, 2016

20 Captivate Tips and Tricks

ALS2015Adobe Learning Summit 2015

Responsive eLearning authoring expertise with Adobe Captivate

DevLearn 2015

  1. Four Seductive Tools to Spice Up Your e/mLearning click here for the slideshare presentation 
  2. Branding for Dummies- All about Templates, Master Slides, Themes- Captivate

Webinar: Las Vegas Adobe eLearning User Group presentation

June, 2015

Tips and Tricks Using Adobe Captivate 8

 Webinar: California Employment Development Department

June, 2015

High Level Overview of the Powers of Adobe Captivate 8

 Learning Solutions Conference:LearningsolutionsLogo

March, 2015

Meaningful Learning on the Go: The Journey from eLearning to mLearning

Webinar: Upper Mid West Distance Learning Association: Spring virtual Conference. March 12, 2015

Exploring mLearning and Considerations of Use for Your eLearning Program

Webinar:  Society for Technical Communications Jan 28, 2015

Rapid Professional Video Creation with Adobe Captivate 8

Adobe Learning Summitals-header_995

Oct. 27, 2014, Las Vegas

Be an expert in mobile learning and responsive eLearning authoring

YouTube Video of the Presentation

Writers UA the conference for Software User Assistance 

Oct. 28 and 29, 2014, Charleston, SC

  1. Adobe Captivate: Creating Time Saving Scenarios Using Advanced Actions
  2. Adobe Captivate: Responsive Design and mLearning

Webinar for Society for Technical Communication – Oct. 8, 2014

eLearning and 508 compliance

 Webinar for Adobe eLearning User Group – Atlanta, Sept. 29, 2014

Adobe Captivate and HD Video 

 Webinar for Roundpeg, Aug. 14, 2014

New Features of Captivate 8: Responsive Design 

Webinar for Adobe Systems,  July 10, 2014

Optimal Design for Multiple Devices using Adobe Captivate 8 

mLearnCon Conference, June 24 – 26, 2014. San Diego, CA


An Introduction to mLearning for the Responsive Age

Optimal Design for Multiple Devices

Learning DevCamp, June 9-12, 2014

Captivate 7 & 8: Build Interactive Scenarios Using Advanced Shared Actions (Concurrent)

Content Creation for Instructional Design and Video Using Adobe Captivate and Presenter (BYOL)

 Adobe Captivate – All about Style and Master Slides

*Adobe Captivate Webinar
A New Generation of Time Saving eLearning Development Tips using Adobe Captivate 7
Feb. 19, 2014

Engage Systems, Carasoft, Adobe Systems Webinar
Adobe Solutions for State and Local Government
February 6, 2014

Adobe Learning Summit Conference 2013 IMG_0270
Create Your First Application Training with Adobe Captivate 7
October 21, 2013

DevLearn Conference, 2013 
Using Adobe Captivate Advanced Actions to Create Dynamic Interactive eLearning (Full day BYOL certificate program)
October 22, 2013

*Adobe Captivate Webinar
Multiple Decisions Using Advanced Conditional Actions Adobe Captivate 7

October 10, 2013

*Adobe Captivate Webinar
Tips & Tricks to Improve Your Adobe Captivate Workflow
May 30, 2013

Webinar: Engage Systems, Carasoft, Adobe Systems
Fast Track To Learning Captivate
May, 2013

*Adobe Captivate Webinar
Branding eLearning Using a Styles and Themes

May 2012  

*Adobe Captivate Webinar
Advanced Actions for Dummies Adobe Captivate 6 
Aug. 2012

Adobe Learning Summit Conference 2012
Rich Media Content Using Audio, Video, and Advanced Imaging 
October, 2012

Webinar: ASTD-LA
Fast Track To Adobe Captivate
Jan, 2012

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