WHY eLearning?






The revolution in smart phone sales has triggered a huge leap in how learners access, consume, share, and discuss content. Given a choice, learners want mobile, relevant, fast, self-paced, and personalized material that they can access anywhere at any time. Many professionals are now learning in the evenings, on the weekends, and while traveling using their mobile devices.


The biggest benefit to online learning on multi-devices is that it ensures you are in sync with today’s young and modern learner. Delivering effective, self-paced content that learners can access anywhere, motivates them and produces better results in retention and production.

eLearning Results in Organizational Growth

72% of organizations using eLearning believe it’s providing them with the competitive advantage by continuing to keep them on top of changes in their particular market.



greater employee productivity


better response to customer needs


ability to deliver “quality products”


more prepared to meet future demand

The Challenge

job performance, retention, and motivation is suffering in many organizations.

  • Almost 80% of low performing organizations and 62% of high performing organizations aren’t investing enough time and money on team development even though more than 70% of organizations cite “capability gaps” as one of their top five challenges and the impact of a dysfunctional team can negatively affect organizational productivity and quality of work by more than 76%.
  • 25% of employees leave their jobs because they aren’t enough training or development opportunities.
  • Even organizations that invest in training aren’t achieving their desired results.
  • Traditional training methods aren’t working any longer.
  • Up to 85% of traditional training methods fails to deliver a positive ROI
  • Most learners will likely forget 80% of the training material within 90-120 days after the training
  • Traditional methods are expensive and time consuming because of travel, material, instructor time

The Solution

  • eLearning Supports Organizational Goals- the costs to organizations are drastically reduced because of the speed and ease of delivery. Costs to trainers, materials, travel, and accommodation are removed and the amount of people reached by eLearning is ten-fold that of instructor-led.
    • Real-time access: decreases knowledge gap of organization
    • eLearning increases retention rates up to 60%
    • eLearning students have 60% faster learning curve compared to instructor-led training
    • eLearning can cover more material in less time
    • Increases productivity: Organizations using eLearning will to introduce and/or reinforce behavior see 26% higher revenue per employee
    • eLearning that includes gamification increases skill based knowledge and retention up to 20% more than traditional methods.
    • Decreases travel and material costs
    • Standardizes training materials

85% of organizations recognize the importance of mobile and have already implemented a mobile training strategy.

Mobile learning

Mobile learning is already a 5.3-billion-dollar industry.


Training tools Reimagined

Studies show that mobile learning increases motivation and attendance


Extensive Demographic Studies

  • 85% of organizations recognize the importance of mobile and have already implemented a mobile training strategy.
  • 74% trainees using mLearning tools while traveling.
  • 80% of learners are mobile
  • Predicted that there will be 905 million tablets used in the work and home globally by 2017
  • It is predicted that 70% professionals will do some work from their own personal smartphone by 2018

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